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Landyachtz Cheesegrater V2

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I started my skateboarding journey just about 6 months ago. Skateboarding was not something I did much as a kid, I was the kid that was into sports year round. Nevertheless, here I am 30+ yrs old and I feel like a kid finding my passion for boarding!

I am sure much like anyone else getting into a new hobby, I took to the internet and the rigorous research began: Finding the “Ultimate” Board. Little did I know then, the journey I would begin would ultimately become part of my daily life. I instantly gravitated towards instructional videos and Landyachtz YouTube channel was often on loop, studying the tips and enjoying the humor and personalities the team brought. Then I saw it, there it was… The Cheesegrater!

I knew right away this was a board I wanted, I loved the idea of a stiff deck with multiple wheelbase options, micro drops, a symmetrical build and still able to get some pop out of the board. Upon examining online, I had some reservations and apprehensions that the board may have been just to flat for my liking. Boy was I wrong(and I’ve never been happier about that in know life!).

After sharing my board on my IG, of course tagging the man himself Mr. Alex Hannigan. We chatted for a bit and I could feel the passion he had not only for his Baby(The Cheesegrater) but for the enjoyable experience those who acquire one have! Definitely don’t forget to check out the Official Cheesegrater IG page

Ok now on to my thoughts of the board; Upon initial unboxing and inspection, my first thought was that this board is Sick AF! I loved the high gloss finish on the underside, I loved the painted wheel well cutouts and how much space they gave me you truly making it flexible in regards in to wheelbase options. The laser cut grip tape always comes out really good in my experience with Landyachtz and this board did not disappoint.

As far as the deck itself in regards to standing position, I found it to be very intuitive. My feet just naturally landed in a spot on the board that worked, the mic drops seemed to be in the best possible position in relation to deck length and standing platform. I mounted my trucks skipping only 1 hole from the shortest possible wheelbase. I found this to work best for me and still gave me enough of a tail to pop the board up(skill level allowing of course). I am not at a place where I am able to ollie but I can tic tac around so it’s a start lol.

Current setup includes a pair of Gen 6 Bear 180mm 40° trucks w/ 93a bushings but in all honesty they feel much softer, I’d say more like 88a probably. In any event I was able to tighten them without any bulging or deformation to a place that feels good but I’m definitely thinking a bushing upgrade is needed. The trucks themselves though are amazing! I felt incredibly stable on them, although to be fair I do have my angled wedge setup to dewedge and decrease the angle of the base plates even more. I am not sure what angle Landyachtz risers come in however I don’t think it’s more then 3-5%.

Over all I am very happy with the board in the OEM setup and I can’t wait to throw on a downhill setup and see what she can do, but until then 🍻 A Special shout-out to Alex Hannigan, and until next time guys. Stay safe, stay strong, get out and skate or do something that makes you happy, have a great day!

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