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So I am getting a new board and wanted to share some thoughts and expectations I have of this purchase before it arrives tm.

Customer Service is a word that gets thrown around a lot, so instead I’ll mention how great the communication was/is. I emailed asked a few questions and got answers within a few hours. This gives me a lot of confidence as a consumer, reassuring me that should I make the decision to purchase and have to email for questions or concerns I will be answered and fairly quickly.

Power - I have big expectations in regards to the power output of this board. My most recent purchase prior to the EOVAN was by Exway Atlas 2wd. The Atlas is a great board with excellent trucks, a very sleek and polished design but it left me wanting in the power department. I am not saying it’s slow or doesn’t accelerate quickly because it does but with the large motors and big battery I am very hopeful of the GTS CARBON SUPER satisfying my need for power.

ESC & REMOTE - The VESC 6 based ESC and color screen remote with silver inlays has me very excited. I am really looking forward to the power output through this ESC and the ability this board offers to customize settings directly from the remote. I love the grip shape of the remote as well, looks like it’s going to be very comfortable in hand.

DKP - This is an unknown for me, I have seen a few videos now on the GTS Carbon Super and only ESk8Unity has addressed stability concerns. However I do love the surfy and flowy feel of the double king pin trucks at least from my experience with the Exway Atlas.

Range - This is where I have the highest expectations of all, the board having a 12S4P 852WH battery featuring Tesla Fat Cells. My Exway Atlas was able to get 17Miles on 120mm cloud wheels with 33% battery left at the end of the ride. Keeping that in mind I anticipate 20+ miles with the pneumatics. I also have 120mm cloud wheels and 105mm Boosted wheels to try and get it expect even more range from them.

Overall Expectations- I am hoping for a board that has a high quality finish, that offers insane acceleration and high top speeds making sure to maintain stability and a board I can, for the most part, jump on and ride without worrying about the board dying and having to carry it home.

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